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Broken Cage by Joseph P Wood

“Wood, with a gentle dexterity, crafts a swirling atmosphere out of kaleidoscopic phrases and images to create “an unfurling helix” effect….These vivacious, inventive, and exploratory poems are vast in scope and quick to point out that “we are citizens of a small era, humbled lilies lilting along the hillside.”  —Publishers Weekly 

The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis by Joanna Penn Cooper

“‘Itinerant’ defines travel as circuitous, looping, and repetitive. And so this piece of lyrical fiction is allowed—encouraged, even—to frustrate expectations of linear narrative, as if a villanelle rendered in prose. Reaching back, the speaker casts fresh eyes on her past. Reaching forward, she acknowledges the boundaries of her vision.” –Laurie Sauborn Young

Idiopaths by Bill Rasmovicz

“This is a book that takes the reader not down an inescapable hole but through a physical and spiritual darkness, if not to the light then dimly to the lesser dark. This is a stark and electric book, full of honesty, intelligence, and a kind of grace.” –Maurice Manning