Fall Readings & Events

October 20, Pennsylvania
Daniel Borzutzky will be reading at St Vincent College in the Fred Rogers Center, Room 1 AB, @ 5 PM.

October 22, Chicago
Jay Besemer will be reading for the Red Rover Series @ 7 PM.

November 2, Chicago
Jay Besemer will be reading at the Volumes Bookcafe. Check for time.

November 6, Brooklyn
Daniel Borzutzky‘s book launch of his translation of Galo Ghigliotto’s Valdivia at Berl’s @ 7 PM.

November 6, Brooklyn
Debora Kuan will be reading at Valerie Hsiung’s book launch at Book Court @ 6 PM.

November 10, Chicago
Jay Besemer’s book party for Chelate is at Sector 2337 @ 7 PM.

November 12, Philly
Debora Kuan will be reading at Housework at Chapterhouse @ 7 PM.

November 15, New York
Daniel Borzutzky‘s will be reading for the National Book Awards at the New School @ 7 PM.

November 18, Chicago
Jay Besemer will be reading at Woodland Pattern @ 7 PM.