Fall Readings & Events

Sept 26, Chicago
Jay Besemer will be reading for the Red Rover Reading Series at 7 PM.

Sept 27, Los Angeles
Martin Ott will be reading from his new book at Skylights Books at 5 PM.

Oct 7, Brooklyn, NY
Joe Pan will be launching his new book Hiccups with Augury Books at Berl’s at 7 PM.

Oct 10, Boise, ID
Broc Rossell will be reading at MING Studios at 7 PM.

Oct 13, San Francisco
Paige Taggart will be reading at City Lights at 7 PM.

Oct 15, San Francisco
Matt Shears will be reading at Litquake at 5:30 PM.

Oct 15, Los Angeles
Paige Taggart will be reading at the Ace Hotel at 6 PM.

Oct 25, Queens, NY
Jared Harel will hosting “Queens Poets & Parents Reading” at 3 PM.

Oct 26, New York
Wendy Xu will be reading with Rebecca Wolff and r. erica doyle at Bowery Poetry at 6:30 PM.

Nov 1, Amherst, MA
Paige Taggart will be reading for the jubilat/Jones Reading Series at the Jones Library at 3:00 PM.

Nov 2, New York
Wendy Xu will be reading with LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs at LIU Brooklyn at 12 pm.

Nov 3, Chicago
Jay Besemer and Daniel Borzutzky will be reading together at the Comfort Station Logan Square at 7 PM.

Nov 3, New York
Joe Pan will be reading for the eXfoliation reading series at Book Culture at 7 PM.

Nov 7, Amherst, MA
Joe Pan will be reading with 5 other poets at Word Up Community Bookstore at 6 PM.

Nov 17, New York
Joe Pan will be reading for Posit journal at the Sidewalk Cafe at 6:30.

Dec 2, Brooklyn
Wendy Xu will be sharing a book party with poet Nina Puro at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop at 7:30 PM.

Dec 3, Chula Vista, CA
Matt Runkle will be giving a guest workshop in “Writing the Visual” at Southwestern College at 11:45 AM.

Dec 3, Chicago
Jay Besemer will be reading for the Meekling Press TALKS series at Tritriangle (1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 3rd Floor) at 8 PM.

Dec 8, Los Angeles
Martin Ott will be reading from his new book at Stories Books and Café at 7 PM.

Jan 27, Ann Arbor
John F Buckley will be reading for the Crazy Wisdom Poetry Series at 7 PM.

Feb 17, Notre Dame
Martin Ott will be reading from his new book at the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore at 7:30 PM.

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