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Brooklyn Arts Press (BAP) and BAP Music are devoted to publishing new works by emerging artists. We believe we serve our community best by publishing great works of varying aesthetics side by side, subverting the notion that writers and artists exist in vacuums, apart from the culture in which they reside and outside the realm and understanding of other camps and aesthetics. We believe experimentation and innovation, arriving by way of given forms or new ones, make our culture greater through diversity of perspective, opinion, expression, and spirit.

Our staff is composed of literary loyalists whose editorial resolve, time, effort, and expertise allows us to publish the best of the manuscripts we receive.

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Review Copies

Writers interested in reviewing BAP titles are invited to email us (info@brooklynartspress.com) and request a copy of the book, along with a list of recent books they have reviewed and links to the journals, newspapers, or blogs in which the reviews were published.

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Brooklyn Arts Press is distributed through Small Press Distribution:
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Augury Books

In late 2017 Augury Books became an imprint of Brooklyn Arts Press. Augury Books is an independent press based in New York City committed to publishing innovative work from emerging and established writers, and seeking to reaffirm the diversity of the reading public. They publish two books per year under the editorship of Founding Editor Kate Angus and Associate Editor Kimberly Steele.